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Year Round beers

Fact Czech

Czech Premium Pale Lager. Clean and Crisp. Herbal Aroma. Light Bready Malt Flavor. 

Key Ingredients: Pilsner Malt & Premium English Caramalt. Saaz Hops.

420 Pounds Of Grain

Pale Ale. Clean Hop Flavor & Aroma With Balanced Maltiness. Notes of Pine & Citrus.

Key Ingredients: 2 Row, Pale Ale, and Carahell Malt. Citra and Mosaic Hops. 

Elmer IPA

Juicy and Dank Aroma.  Light Body.  Soft Bitterness.

Key Ingredients: Golden Promise, Pilsner, Munich Malt.  Simcoe, El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic Hops.

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Beautiful You

Saison on Raspberry

Key Ingredients:  Pilsner and Munich Malt, Trappist Ale Yeast. Raspberry Puree. 


Banana and Clove Aroma. Sweet and Bready

Key Ingredients:  White Wheat and Pilsner Malt. Hefeweizen Yeast.

DDH Satellite NEIPA

Fruity and Juicy.

Key Ingredients:  Pale Ale, 2-Row, Flaked Oats, Flaked Wheat.  Citra, El Dorado, Mosaic, Amarillo Hops.

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Small Batch Special Release

Visit our Facebook page to see current special release batches: Minglewood Facebook

The Dank Bank

Original Dankster

Dank Side of the Moon

Dank Me Daddy



Danky Doodle Dandy

Benjamin Danklin

Release the Dank!

Danky Panky

Dank Side of the Eclipse

Dank You Come Again!

Ballpark Dank


Dank AF

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